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You've got questions; you need answers. r2ESTIMATOR gives you these answers.

Cost and Schedule? Resources? Defects? Confidence?

How much will your project cost, how long will it take to complete, and how should its activities be sequenced?

How many people will you need to complete your project and when will you need them?

How many defects will the product contain when you deliver it to your customer?

What are the odds that your project will deliver a complete and reliable product on time and on budget?

What sets r2ESTIMATOR apart?

Proven Mathematics

Modern Software Technology

Affordable Pricing

r2Estimator offers new software cost, schedule, and defects estimating relationships based on the latest industry data. You can tune these equations to your own historical project data or start with industry data that we have collected or purchased. You can also choose to emulate the behavior of other public-domain models such as COCOMO, Seer, and Norden-Putnam-Rayleigh (NPR). r2Estimator uses Monte Carlo simulation of uncertainty and probability, giving you state-of-the-art risk management capability.

Developed using the latest Microsoft environment and tools, r2Estimator offers interactive dynamic graphics allowing you to analyze the range of possible solutions in real time. The full-featured, multiple-element-type Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) lets you model all types of projects. Numerous charts and reports and a customizable report export to XML enhances your ability to share results. The easy export to Microsoft Project gives you a head start on project planning, monitoring, and control.

Our goal is to provide you with superior tools at affordable prices. That is why we offer perpetual, not annual, licensing. Our pricing model is sensitive to the needs of smaller organizations and virtual teams, while providing customized rates for volume licensing. We know you have budget challenges and we are here to help. All licenses include support and maintenance releases plus substantial discounts on new major releases. Please contact us for more information.

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