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Fundamentals of Software Estimating

This two day course is designed to provide you with essential metrics-based concepts and techniques for effective and efficient software project estimating.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested in software development project dynamics and the management of software development projects. If you are trying to find an objective and repeatable way to manage the cost and schedule of software development projects or would just like to know why some projects succeed while others fail, then this course is for you.

Purpose of the Workshop

  • Understand the key elements of the software project management process and how they relate to the software development process

  • Learn the core software project management metrics and their relationships

  • Learn how to estimate the volume, efficiency, and defect vulnerability of a software product and how to quantify the uncertainty of those estimates

  • Learn how to determine reasonable expectations for the schedule, effort, cost, staffing, and defects of a software development project and how various models and tools can help

  • Understand how the uncertainty about volume, efficiency, and defect vulnerability results affects  risk (probability of success)

What You Will Learn?

Project Management is Important

  • How are we doing as an industry?

  • Why do some projects fail?

Measurement Objectifies Management

  • Software development is a process

  • Measurable process predictable outcome

  • Time, effort, defects volume AND efficiency AND defect vulnerability

  • Estimating: judgment versus calculation

Software Projects Have Dynamic Properties

  • Laws of software project dynamics

  • Model types, strengths, and weaknesses

Projects Have Structure

  • Divide and conquer pattern

  • Software lifecycle paradigms

Size, Efficiency, and Defect Vulnerability are Uncertain

  • PERT triple

  • Jorgensen alternate framing

Uncertainty Confidence (probability of success)

  • Project constraints

  • Using Ross charts

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