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Announcement of Business Start-up

r2Estimating, LLC is open for business.

Scottsdale, AZFebruary 1, 2006Mike Ross, founder & CEO of r2ESTIMATING, LLC announced today that the new company is open for business. He recently left his position as Chief Engineer of Galorath, Inc. (makers of the SEER suite of estimating tools) to join two others in starting this new venture. The other two members are Barney Ross, managing member, software development, and Arlene Ross, managing member, marketing. r2ESTIMATING, LLC's primary focus is to provide superior and affordable tools, advice, and education related to software project planning (estimating) and software project monitoring and control (tracking and forecasting). r2ESTIMATING, LLC will be unveiling all of their initial offerings at the 2006 International Society of Parametric Analysts Conference in Seattle, WA May 23-26, 2006.

r2ESTIMATING, LLC provides superior and affordable software project estimation and forecasting tools, training, and consulting to organizations involved with making or buying custom software.

Specifically, r2ESTIMATING, LLC develops, sells, delivers, and supports products (software tools) and services (training and consulting). The purpose of these offerings is to help people estimate and forecast, with an associated probability of success, the cost, schedule, effort, staffing, and product reliability that can be expected from a given software development project.

Our mission is to provide superior and affordable tools and services to organizations making or buying custom software, maximizing the percentage of software projects that are delivered on time and within budget.

Our vision is that one day software development projects having cost overruns or schedule slips will be a thing of the past.

For More Information Contact:

Arlene D. Ross
Vice President, Marketing
7755 E. Evening Glow Drive
Scottsdale, AZ  85262-1295

480-488-8382 (office)
480-488-8420 (fax)

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