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Announcement of Product Readiness

r2Estimating, LLC announces product readiness of the r2EstimatOR software project estimating tool.

Scottsdale, AZDecember 4, 2006Mike Ross, president & CEO of r2ESTIMATING, LLC announced today the general availability of r2ESTIMATOR, the first software project estimating tool to offer interactive dynamic graphic displays, multiple model emulation, and Monte Carlo variability at all levels of the project hierarchy.

r2ESTIMATOR enables companies to quickly and inexpensively provide accurate software project estimates for cost, schedule, effort, staffing, defects and most importantly the probability of achieving the project goals for these metrics. The r2ESTIMATOR is a robust software estimating tool that builds on proven mathematics while incorporating recent industry data and modern software technology to deliver a tool that is powerful, easy to use, and affordable.

“While the need for accurate software estimating has grown tremendously in the last decade, the accessibility and use of estimating tools has not. The r2ESTIMATOR provides an opportunity for all companies, large and small, to have a state of the art estimation tool and process at a very affordable price,” said Mike Ross, founder and president. “Currently many companies are developing software as part of their main product line and/or supporting their business processes with software, but only a small number of companies actually use a tool and a formal process to determine the cost, schedule, and quality of their software development portfolio. These companies are flying blind when it comes to actually knowing what it is going to cost and how long it will take to develop the software and how risky the new project is when they embark on it. We expect more organizations to take advantage of software estimation because of the attractive pricing, state of the art technology, and fundamental mathematics supporting our product, the r2ESTIMATOR.” 

For the first time in any tool, key metrics and confidence probability for each part of the project are graphically displayed and dynamically adjustable to facilitate complex real-time what-if analysis. Another first in the tool, is the ability to accommodate both Rayleigh and piecewise-linear staffing styles to better reflect actual staffing levels.

“In the last decade, I have used several of the software project estimating tools on the market and the r2ESTIMATOR far surpasses anything else I have experienced,” said Craig Beyers, senior manager, Department of Homeland Security. “Even better is the price! It is half of what I have paid for competing products.”

Pricing and Availability

The r2ESTIMATOR is shipping now. A single-seat perpetual license for the r2ESTIMATOR is only $5,000.

r2ESTIMATING, LLC provides superior and affordable software project estimation and forecasting tools, training, and consulting to organizations involved with making or buying custom software.

Specifically, r2ESTIMATING, LLC develops, sells, delivers, and supports products (software tools) and services (training and consulting). The purpose of these offerings is to help people estimate and forecast, with an associated probability of success, the cost, schedule, effort, staffing, and product reliability that can be expected from a given software development project.

Our mission is to provide superior and affordable tools and services to organizations making or buying custom software, maximizing the percentage of software projects that are delivered on time and within budget.

Our vision is that one day software development projects having cost overruns or schedule slips will be a thing of the past.

For More Information Contact:

Arlene D. Ross
Managing Member, Marketing
7755 E. Evening Glow Drive
Scottsdale, AZ  85262-1295

480-488-8382 (office)
480-488-8420 (fax)

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